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Keynote Lecture


Keynote Lecture

David Jacoby
Kaspersky Lab

Brief Bio
David joined Kaspersky Lab in 2010 as a Senior Security Researcher for the Nordic and Benelux. He lives in Stockholm and he is included in the work the Global Research and Analysis Team. His main task is to stand for the research and promotion of the right Nordic and Benelux. David has around 15 years experience in the IT security industry. In his current role, he devotes much time to the study of vulnerability and security. He has worked extensively with penetration testing and security audits on all Unix and Linux platforms. He also burns to contribute to strong protection for Web applications. In his research he focuses on how to increase public awareness of the threats we face in the current situation. He is also a renowned lecturer: At large conferences around the world, people listen to what David has to say about current threats, how we can raise awareness about safety and how we can combat cyber criminals. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, David did research on vulnerability and how it can be managed. He worked as a Senior Security Researcher, advisor and consultant on TrueSec AB. Before joining TrueSec AB (2008), he worked on Outpost24 seven years. He started as the first hackers - and when he left the company he had managed to advance to the Vice President of Customer Experience.

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